Ship’s Blog

February 1, 2019
Weigh Anchor and Set Sail for 2040

(The Comprehensive Plan Review process is underway)

by Gail Whittaker, York County Public Information Officer

Welcome to the Ship’s Blog – the official online journal of the Comprehensive Plan Review Steering Committee. As the members of the committee work to gather citizen input and review the draft plan – Charting the Course to 2040 – we will update this blog to keep you informed of where we are in the review process, what we’ve heard from the public about the vision for York County in the next 20 years, and the perspective of committee members regarding the importance of citizen participation.

Here’s a quick review of where we are….

The Comprehensive Plan Review Steering Committee was appointed by the Board of Supervisors in 2018 and is made up of your neighbors!  In addition, for the first time, we have on the committee a member of the York County Youth Commission.  Jacob Rizzio is a sophomore at York High School and brings a young person’s perspective about the County and what people in his age group would like to have available.  This means that people Jacob’s age now will be in their late 30’s in the year 2040, and many that age will have a career and/or will be raising a family.  They will have searched for (or will be searching for) the right community in which to live.  What will lure them to York County?  Or, what will cause people to stay in York County?  Those are the questions we need help answering.

But, back to our review…

The committee met in November and December.  At both meetings, members received a presentation from staff about the plan review process and demographics in and around York County and the region.   Members shared a wide variety of perspectives and it was interesting to listen to what their experience brings to the table. 

One item that was clear….the committee definitely wants to hear from the public (aka YOU!) and ensure that a sound and functional draft plan is developed.  The committee will be discussing several outreach methods to use in gaining citizen opinion of York County in 2040.  So, be on the lookout for these outreach methods.  You may even receive a telephone survey.  If you do, don’t hang up!  Your opinion is extremely valuable and helps us determine the long-range plan for the development of the County.  Are you on Facebook?  We will be there, too.  Watch for videos updating you on the committee’s progress.  We may even post a poll or two. 

The Steering Committee’s next meeting is in February, so keep checking back for updated information.  In the meantime, thanks for visiting.