Tax Payment Plan

Personal Property and Real Estate Taxes may be paid in monthly installments by having a personal/business checking account automatically debited.

Sign Up

To participate:
  1. Complete a Tax Payment Request Form (PDF).
  2. Request Forms received after January 5, 2018 will begin debiting February 10, 2018 (if the signed Contract and voided check have been received).
  3. Upon receipt of the request form, a contract will be generated based on tax assessments from the previous tax year or 1st half of the year (depending on when request form is received).
  4. The contract will be mailed to you listing the installment amount range that will be debited on the 10th (or the next business day following a weekend/holiday) each month from your checking account.
  5. Return the signed contract with a voided check to:
    Deborah B Robinson
    Treasurer Tax Payment Plan
    P.O. Box 251
    Yorktown VA 23690-0251

Important Dates & Information

Please note, money market and credit card convenience checks cannot be accepted.

The Treasurer must receive the contract and a voided check at least 4 business days before the scheduled bank debit date which occurs on the 10th each month.

Contracts received after January 5, 2018 will begin debiting on February 10, 2018 (for 1st Half of Tax Year 2018).