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Resource to Educators

The York County Department of Fire and Life Safety takes great pride in assisting educators to better incorporate fire and life safety information into their classroom activities, lectures, and hands-on education sessions. The information and activities on this page are provided in addition to the educational programs provided by the department in conjunction with the York County School Division.

Fire & Life Safety Education Programs

The York County Department of Fire and Life Safety Educator delivers fire and life safety educational programs in each of York County's Public Schools throughout the traditional school year. These programs often require multiple school visits and incorporate staff and apparatus from each of York County's 6 neighborhood fire stations. These programs are typically coordinated between the school administrators and the Department of Fire and Life Safety.

If you are uncertain if a program has been scheduled for your school or you represent a private school or daycare center in York County and would like to schedule a visit and/or educational program, please contact the Fire and Life Safety Educator at 757-890-3600 Monday through Friday between 8:15 a.m. and 5 P.M.

Lesson Plans & Activities

We have tried to compile some lesson plans and activities for students of various ages. Please take time to explore each of the grade ranges as you may find information appropriate for a particular topic rather than grade.

Grade 6 - 8

Grade 9 - 12

The York County Department of Fire and Life Safety likes to present a fire education program to graduating seniors and their family members near the end of their senior year. Teachers can also review the information for this program and incorporate it into their discussions, as appropriate. This information can be found on our Higher Education / Campus Safety page.