Sale of Surplus Property

The County has periodic auctions and sells surplus property items on the Public Surplus website. Note, this site will take you out of the County website. Any user may view the items for sale but only registered users of the third-party service (Public Surplus® Auction) may actually place a bid on selected items. To register for the Public Surplus service visit the Public Surplus registration page. Periodic surplus vehicle auctions are scheduled by the Fleet Manager at Tidewater Auto Auction (TAA).

Privacy Notice

Note to users of Hotmail and Gmail users, use of the Public Surplus® Auction websites requires an email address for communicating with us if you are successful at purchasing surplus property. The County, however, does not accept email from 'anonymous' email users. Hotmail and Gmail are 'anonymous' email systems as no effort is made to validate the identity of email users. The County can neither receive email from you, nor respond to you by email, if you are using a Hotmail or Gmail email address. All communication would have to be by telephone.

Special note to county and school employees. County policy prohibits employees from participating in the sale of surplus property [County Purchasing Policy: Ordinance 12-13 (R)].