Planning Commission Agenda

Regular Meeting
York Hall - 301 Main Street
November 10, 2021
7 p.m. 


    1. Call to Order
    2. Roll Call
    3. Pledge of Allegiance
    4. Approve Minutes - October 13, 2021
    5. Presentation
    6. Citizen Comments
    7. Public Hearings
      Application No. ZM-191-21, Curt and Pamela Lang (Mills Marina): Request to amend the York County Zoning Map by reclassifying a 0.4-acre parcel (GPIN U09a-1948-3780) located at 1737 Back Creek Road (Route 718) from RR (Rural Residential) to WCI (Water-oriented Commercial/Industrial). The property is designated Limited Business in the Comprehensive Plan. The Limited Business designation is intended to provide opportunities for commercial activities of low to moderate intensity such as business or professional offices,  research, development and training facilities, and commercial activities oriented primarily toward serving the day-to-day needs of nearby residents. This designation is also intended to recognize and continue to provide opportunities for various types of commercial activities requiring access to the water. The WCI zoning district is intended to provide opportunities for various types of activities oriented toward and requiring access to the water. The locational characteristics of such uses often dictate that they be within or in close proximity to residential areas or areas with limited vehicular accessibility. The applicants have indicated that they plan to use the property for parking of boats and equipment in connection with Mills Marina, located at 1742 Back Creek Road, which they also own. They plan to build a garage on the property. For more information contact Timothy C. Cross, AICP, Deputy Director of Planning and Development Services. Attachments:
    8. Old Business
    9. New Business
    10. Staff Reports/Recent Actions by the Board of Supervisors
    11. Committee Reports
    12. Commission Reports and Requests
    13. Adjourn