Planning Commission Agenda

York County Planning Commission

York Hall - 301 Main Street

February 14, 2024

7:00 PM


 1. Call to Order

 2. Roll Call

 3. Pledge of Allegiance

 4. Approve Minutes - January 10, 2024 (APPROVED)

 5. Citizen Comments

 6.  Public Hearings    

Application No. PD-59-24, EAH LLC: Request to amend the York County Zoning Map by reclassifying an approximately 32.0-acre parcel (GPIN H13b-3278-4775) located at 200 Water Country Parkway (Route 640) and an approximately 0.7-acre parcel (GPIN H14d-3681-0790) located at 1569 Penniman Road (Route 641) from EO (Economic Opportunity) to PDMU (Planned Development Mixed Use) subject to voluntarily proffered conditions. According to the applicant’s narrative, the proposed project – Marquis Crossing – “is projected upon completion to have a maximum of 314 luxury apartments at the rear of the property across from Whittaker’s Mill, 3.5 +/- acres of convenience, gas, and/or food use at the front corner of Marquis Center Parkway and Water Country Parkway, and 15 acres of remaining commercial development along the Marquis Center Parkway frontage across from the Marquis and Water Country USA.” The subject parcels are designated Economic Opportunity in the Comprehensive Plan. Staff report and attachments. For more information contact: Timothy C. Cross, AICP, Deputy Director of Planning and Development Services. THE PLANNING COMMISSION RECOMMENDED DENIAL. 

 7.  Old Business

 8.  New Business

9. Staff Reports/Recent Actions by the Board of Supervisors

10. Committee Reports

11. Commission Reports and Requests

12. Adjourn