Planning Commission Agenda


JANUARY 13, 2021
7 p.m.

1. Call to Order

2. Roll Call

3. Pledge of Allegiance

4. Approve Minutes- November 18, 2020 (APPROVED) and December 9, 2020 (APPROVED)

5. Citizen Comments

6. Public Hearings

Application No. PD-55-21, Schottenstein Realty Company: Request to amend the York County Zoning Map by reclassifying four parcels of land, consisting of approximately 6.4 acres, located at 500, 512, 516, and 600 Merrimac Trail (Route 143) and further identified as Assessor’s Parcel Nos. 10-10-A, 10-10-B, 10-10-C, and 10-21, from GB (General Business to PDR (Planned Development Residential) for the purpose of redeveloping an existing motel (the George Washington Inn and Conference Center) into a 125-unit rental apartment building. The parcels are designated for General Business in the Comprehensive Plan. The General Business designation is intended to provide opportunities for retail and other commercial uses oriented primarily toward supplying goods or services for a community or regional market. The proposed apartment building would have a maximum density of 19.5 dwelling units per acre. The applicant has voluntarily proffered to develop the property in accordance with the submitted sketch plan and rendering; to limit the number of two-bedroom apartments to a maximum of 30; to provide various recreational amenities and design features; to demolish the existing outbuilding in front of the motel; and to eliminate an existing entrance on Merrimac Trail. Staff report and attachments. For more information contact Timothy C. Cross, AICP, Deputy Director of Planning and Development Services. THE PLANNING COMMISSION IS RECOMMENDING APPROVAL.  

Application No. ZM-189-21, Parkway Center, LLC: Request to amend the York County Zoning Map by reclassifying an 8.8-acre parcel of land located at 500 Marquis Parkway from EO (Economic Opportunity) to GB (General Business) subject to voluntarily proffered conditions. The property is occupied by an approximately 105,000-square foot former department store building (JC Penney), which the applicant intends to convert into a multi-use building that would be anchored by a church and ancillary facilities, with a minimum of 20,000 square feet reserved for Educational, Commercial/Retail, and/or Business/Professional Service uses as set forth in categories 5, 10, and 11 in the Zoning Ordinance Table of Land Uses (Section 24.1-306). The applicant has also proffered to prohibit certain specified uses that would otherwise be permitted in the GB district, either by right or with a Special Use Permit. The property is designated Economic Opportunity in the Comprehensive Plan. The Economic Opportunity designation is intended to guide a mix of office, light industrial, commercial, and tourist-related uses to certain portions of the County that have or are planned to have the access and infrastructure necessary to support both capital- and labor-intensive uses. Staff report and attachments. For more information contact Timothy C. Cross, AICP, Deputy Director of Planning and Development Services. THE PLANNING COMMISSION IS RECOMMENDING APPROVAL.  

Application No. ZT-185-20, York County Board of Supervisors: Consider amendments to Sections 24.1-281, 282, 283, and 284 of the York County Zoning Ordinance pertaining to home occupations. Proposed changes would specify the accessory nature of home occupations; allow home occupations as a matter of right with any combination of up to four (4) resident employees, non-resident employees, or clients; remove the requirement limiting public contact to the period from Monday through Saturday; remove the list of specific home occupations permitted as a matter of right; require a Special Use Permit for home occupations that generate a demand for five (5) or more parking spaces or that exceed 400 square feet or 25% of the floor area of the principal residence or when providing day care to more than three (3) adults or involve certain commercial or passenger-carrying vehicles; remove prohibitions on the charging of fees and retail sales of seafood for home occupations for the of docking workboats and off-loading seafood; and revise the list of prohibited home occupations by removing gift shops and adding convenience stores, small engine and equipment repair, tattoo parlors, gambling and gaming establishments, and those involving vehicles used in the transportation of hazardous material. Staff report and attachments. For more information contact Earl W. Anderson, AICP, Senior Planner. THE PLANNING COMMISSION IS RECOMMENDING APPROVAL.  

7. Old Business

8. New Business

9. Staff Reports/ Recent Actions by the Board of Supervisors

10. Committee Reports

11. Commission Reports and Requests

12. Adjourn

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