Fire and Life Safety Administration

York County Fire Truck and Emergency Medical Truck

The York County Department of Fire and Life Safety is overseen by the Fire Chief who serves as the Department Director and as the County's Coordinator of Emergency Management.

The department is comprised of a number of Divisions, Offices, and Bureaus to deliver the wide array of external programs and services provided to our citizens, businesses, and visitors as well as internal services necessary to ensure overall effective and efficient operations.

Fire Administration serves as the department's headquarters and from which primary coordination and oversight of all programs and services occurs.

Administrative Services

The Office of Administrative and Support Services provides technical and professional support for each of the department's divisions, offices and bureaus. This support includes coordinating and managing all administrative communications, data and records management, status reporting, budgeting, purchasing, fiscal accounting, grants administration and human resource management. The Office is also responsible for maintaining and managing the County's Emergency Operations Center and its administrative and support services.